Zoe	Hutchinson

Zoe Hutchinson

Training Specialist – Onboarding Team

What you're best known for

Advice and assisting colleagues.

Did you go to uni? If yes, which one and what did you study?

De Montfort University - Media Communications.

Where were you born and raised?


What’s your background in fulfilment?

Before I joined in 2017 I didn't have any background in the industry - I've definitely learnt a lot about the fulfilment world now!

What motivates you to wake up and go to work every day?

My colleagues and the satisfaction of my role!

What does a typical day look like (if there is such a thing)?

Usually I listen to a podcast and create training plans, upskill courses, internal and external guides, and then I do some actual training and anything else which crops up! Powered by coffee.

How would you describe the people who work here?

Everyone is very individual (you'll see that when you arrive) but when you need it, the correct people will assist and advise you.

What key successes or achievements are you most proud of during your time so far?

My personal progression within the business and creating and implementing our new starter training courses!

How would you summarise James and James to eCommerce businesses?

We take personal responsibility for all queries and projects, we get the job done right and challenge one another on the way.

What sets us apart?

Our people, passion and knowledge! 

What's been a passion project of yours?

My new role is just one big passion project!

What’s your funniest memory (at James and James)?

I shouldn't go into detail but Christmas party of 2019 and discussing Metre Cubed with Neil! 

What advice would you give to our new starters?

Get ready for a few days of training and to ask questions! 

Fave food?

Ramen or Sushi (cause there are so many varieties) 

What's your favourite quote?

(Chuckles) "I'm in danger" Ralph from the Simpsons.

Is there a meme that represents you really well? 

I say this at least once a day...


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