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So you want to challenge, create, deliver - and get your payslip.

But what if there was so much more to it than that?

James and James is a place to develop your career. We invest in our people so they're always learning and growing.

Laura Curtis

Since implementing Pardot and Salesforce back in 2018 at James and James, Laura grabbed every opportunity to learn as much as she could about the two platforms. Applying that knowledge, she helped automate many marketing and sales processes.

Laura tells us a little more about the responsibilities and projects she worked on whilst at James and James, and what the future holds as she progresses into a new role...


At James and James I was the go-to person for implementing Pardot and Salesforce projects, setting up marketing and sales automation, and managing client comms from within Salesforce. I'd also problem solve any fixes or changes that were needed in the CRMs. 

I started as a Marketing Admin and I went on to manage our marketing automation software which was HubSpot to start with. We then moved to Pardot, so I naturally fell into the role of owning that and supporting others with Salesforce. I also took on the responsibility of managing our PPC agency, which meant I had to learn all about an area I had always been dead set against going into but in the end found it surprisingly interesting! 

You could say I built quite a large Pardot and Salesforce knowledge base over three years with James and James, and that's pretty important when you're moving on to be a Pardot Consultant.

Aside from all the learnings (shout out to my former colleagues for their inquisitive nature on how far we can take the two systems), it's the people and communication skills I'll be able to apply to my new role. 

Working at James and James presents plenty of challenges and you get to work with lots of different people from across the business - and externally too. Overcoming those challenges and testing situations, as well as relationship building, are all invaluable experiences.

My biggest achievement with James and James has to be implementing Pardot/Salesforce as a replacement to HubSpot and upgrading Pardot on my own. Not forgetting the fact that I became a Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist in 2021. I've always been one to sign up for training courses whether it's offered or not.

Whilst at James and James I completed courses in digital marketing, data-driven marketing, landing page design, Google ads, as well as plenty of Trailblazers on the Pardot/Salesforce side. While most of these were done within working hours (the Pardot Specialist exam took a LOT of my time outside of work, but I was determined to pass it), I also attended monthly Pardot meets outside of James and James and started to build a network of Pardashians!

Aside from work-related courses, I made use of the health programme package and signed up to sessions to help with my personal growth and dealing with the anxiety of Covid. This has been an invaluable benefit that James and James offers employees. 

When it comes to the working environment, I can honestly say I have never laughed as much as I have working at James and James. Everyone is always there to keep spirits high, even in the toughest times.

My memories will always be of the people and how kind, supporting and helpful they can be. The eventful video calls, the Christmas parties, stealing glasses from an award show. The day a group of us got together at the weekend, went shopping for plants and flowers, and created a lovely outside seating area, complete with a pallet table and chairs as part of an innovation project. And how could I ever forget 'BOOSHD.' 

And, as a final note to new employees joining James and James: Learn as much as you can, embrace the challenges and push yourself. Stepping outside your comfort zone might surprise you! Never stop questioning things, speak your mind and don't let anyone put you down. You're employed by James and James because you are the best of the best, the expert in your area - own it!

Dan Edwards

No fulfilment expertise? No problem. Dan Edwards proves that with sheer determination and focus, you can progress your career pretty quickly at James and James.

Dan, who had a decade of experience in Private Healthcare, moved to Northampton from Birmingham in search of something new. He felt it was time for a change.

He remembers seeing the job ad for Client Services Executive and after doing his James and James research, felt it was a company that was going through a period of fast pace growth and one that offered an exciting culture.

"It was the entertaining YouTube recruitment video that stood out and caught my attention!"

Being completely new to fulfilment, Dan knew he could use his existing skills but would need to put in the extra work to learn everything and anything about the industry. "It was a challenge, but definitely worth it," he said.

Dan explains how adapting to the pandemic and its impact on the industry - coupled with regular lockdowns, Christmas peak and Brexit - has presented huge challenges.

While there have been challenges, there have been successes. Dan's supported many ambitious online companies to reach their potential and grow. As a result, he quickly progressed from Executive to Manager.

Dan's advice to new starters?

"Being proactive and getting stuck into resolving client queries and issues was one of the biggest lessons for me. The nature of the business means that a lot of the work is often time-sensitive and requires you to be on top of the issues and queries.

"Also having an understanding of how each department in the business works is essential, especially from an operations point of view. The variety of companies we work with means we're closely aligned with every department, whether that's Goods In, Assemblies, Returns, Dispatch, Quality Control, etc."

"Oh, if you're looking to join Client Services, do not underestimate how much we enjoy food!"

Dan's promotion is evidence of his commitment to client care. He's demonstrated core skills of understanding his clients (their products, their customer base, future plans, and forecasts) as well as maintaining solid communication between clients, operations, couriers and his own team.

Dan says his role, team and department is still fairly new, so his focus over the next few years will be to play a key part in helping it grow and develop.

Sam Baines

Sam Baines, Designer (Doodler, Visionary), shares his motivations for moving from recognised clothing brand Joules to the fast-paced world of eCommerce fulfilment at James and James.

Why did you choose to apply to work at James and James? 

I applied to work for James and James as it offered an opportunity to join a fast-growing business in a transition phase as their first design hire. What sold it to me was the prospect of helping to shape the future design work and platform coming from the business.

Why the move from a well-known giant like Joules? 

Joules is a much-loved brand for a lot of people and I learnt a lot during my time there. I worked as part of a team of four web designers and we had a real impact on ensuring a consistent brand look and feel on all things digital, but there was a lack of career progression opportunities that fitted in with my career plans and timeline. And so, it was time to move onto a company where I would be presented with more opportunities for growth and development.

What skills, capabilities, and inspiration did you bring from Joules to James and James?

I bring a large group of skills ranging from everything graphic design right through to user experience and how they all impact the marketing funnel. I can also code which is an added plus to improving the impact of marketing efforts on the main website. Capabilities and inspiration-wise I have experience in developing and launching marketing campaigns multiple times throughout the year based around custom creative design and messaging to maximise interaction.

What design projects have you been involved in so far and what do you hope your role brings next?

I've helped launch the first quarterly marketing themed campaign and have actively been adding a flair of CSS to the case studies re-launch for the website. We have many exciting projects on the horizon with further marketing campaigns, video work for showing off our technology platform better and hopefully a little more UX/UI work on the product itself.

What lessons did you learn in your first few days and weeks at James and James?

In the first few days I realised the sheer volume of work that needed to be undertaken across the marketing team and the further reaches of where design is going to play a role across the business under my role - both of which were exciting prospects. 

Do you have any development/training ambitions?

I want to learn more about video production and animation, discovering ways in which it can improve our marketing reach and impact across social. I also want to try and imprint as much design knowledge as possible across other team members to help set them up for success.

And a bonus question, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

Growing up I actually wanted to be an Architect, but after realising I'm not a fan of pythagoras theorem and general physics, it seemed like an odd choice to continue with. But hey at least I am still doing something creative with my hours.

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